April 30, 2011

ive been bad

Did I fall off the wagon?

YES!- Starbucks monster was back lattes became meals indian buffets wendy’s and mcdonald’s were part of this girl’s staple diet.

Between lack of sleep and lack of motivation to cook I have been working out, sometimes doing cardio sometimes not.

The main reason for not being on tumblr is university exams taking the life out of me!

So tomorrow, Sunday, May 1st. All services will resume as promised.

I will be the ultimate blogger


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February 25, 2011



instant reblog




instant reblog


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February 22, 2011

What is?

The one food you couldn’t live without?

If it is an unhealthy choice, would you make the sacrifice for better training and good health?

Mine is chocolate cake hands down! Put chocolate cake, molten lava cake, birthday cake in front of me and you can guarantee I will take a bite out of it!

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February 21, 2011

Except for the Toned part! Muscular getting there!
Go fitness go!

Except for the Toned part! Muscular getting there!

Go fitness go!

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how to stay on the wagon and have a good time

I need to blog!

I need to stay true to my promise to photograph all my food. Ive been eating pretty much the same thing all the time with the exception of PHO soup today at a vietnamese restaurant. That’s the way to go instead of the deep fried pork rolls although they are so good.

I guess today I want to say if you’re eating out there’s a way to eat healthy, or to eat a little bit better without falling off the wagon.

Eat something off the menu that is the LEAST offensive. Check carbs, grams of fat, sodium, calories. Try to skip starchy food like fries, baked potatoes, if you really want some sort of fries do sweet potato fries in moderation.

If you have to hit up fast food because you haven’t cooked or prepared meals for your day, or something unplanned came up, do so. Sometimes I just go into a grocery store and pick up their bean salad or quinoa salad, cheap and healthier than fastfood. If you want cheaper, watch the portions and order your mcdicks.

Yes, you have to be a clean eater in order to lose weight and keep it off. If you decide to go out to eat and you know this is a planned outing, eat better during that week. Get some more activity in and enjoy your night out without feeling guilty. That way it impacts your life and thoughts less so you can actually focus on having a good time.

If you can lay off alcohol and dessert and a lot of pasta, bready, carby, fried things at night time you’re good to go!

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February 19, 2011

Time to be off to work!

So dreading work! From a sunshiny week to snow? Really? Global warming is scary. I’ve been so MIA this week thanks to school but I’m back and will be posting.

Right now, watching Will and Grace <3

Scared that I won’t lose any inches this week…will find out soon.

Back tonight

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February 18, 2011

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February 15, 2011

Hey! :)
Name: Ashley
Gender: F
Height: 5'1"
Age: 18
Eye Color: Hazel / Blue
Hair Color: Dark brown
Smoking?: Nope
Drinking?: Nope
Drugs?: Nopee
Job: Not currently
Education Level: 4 days away from graduating HS at an Adult Learning Center
Favorite Sport:Swimming
Favorite Color: Purple!!!
Favorite Band: Augustana, Lady Antebellum and Dallas Green
Siblings: 4
Tattoos? wrist, wrist, shoulder/neck
Piercings? ears, lip, 2 tongue
Perfect Date: Watching movies and cuddling
Hobbies:Crocheting, Reading, Writing

Name: Sheridan
Gender: F
Height: 5’ 4”
Age: 22
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Smoking?: Nope
Drinking?: Occasional, almost rare
Drugs?: Nopeers
Job: Plus Size Clothing store
Education Level: Final year of Undergrad
Favorite Sport:Swimming!!
Favorite Color: Purple!!!!!
Favorite Band: Queen
Siblings: 1
Tattoos? none, maybe later in life
Piercings? ears
Perfect Date: Some sort of activity, dancing, skating, snowshoeing
Hobbies: Playing guitar, Reading, Writing poems

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February 14, 2011

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Eye Color: 
Hair Color: 
Education Level: 
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Color: 
Favorite Band: 
Perfect Date: 

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